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Britcent comes from a combination of the words British Accent.
We aim to deliver efficient and professional services in the teaching of British English.

by providing 1:1 English lessons to
anyone who needed help with English in London.

Now we offer these services in London and in Seoul,
with the addition of online lessons and professional translation,
proofreading and editing services.

We are a registered English education provider.

To provide the highest quality in English education
To strive for innovation and excellence in the ESL industry.

I founded Britcent in 2015 with the aim of providing high quality English lessons for ESL students from around the world. The idea for Britcent came about when I found that there is a huge demand for this specific service considering the growing number of international students coming from South Korea. The business was closer to home as I drew the inspiration from my personal experience. Although I had excelled in English within the Korean education system, I was unable to actually produce the language in a practical sense at King’s College London. When I first attended my lectures, I could only understand about half of what the lecturer said, and could not contribute to any discussions or debates because my English wasn’t good enough.

Fortunately, I met a British friend during my first year. Despite my English, he and I had a lot in common and we became very close. I spoke to him every day and asked him to correct my English when there were errors. During this time, I learnt a lot of new words and expressions that British people commonly use. At the end of my first year, I knew my English skills had improved dramatically because I was able to hang out and communicate with friends comfortably. I realised that there must be other students like me who similarly struggle to communicate on a basic level, and so I established Britcent.

I set up Britcent because I wanted to help international students and professionals overcome the language barrier that often holds them back from achieving their hopes and dreams. Our aim is to provide quality English education that is often difficult to find around the world, and is based on my first-hand experience. Britcent allows students to learn the language through engaging lessons, within a comfortable setting of either in-class tuition or online lessons. Furthermore, in the future, I hope to start a scholarship scheme for prospective overseas students in financial need, who wish to study in English speaking countries.

One of the first phrases I learnt when I was studying English was “You can’t win them all”. Through Britcent, I want to challenge this idiom. I believe “Britcent can win them all” and in doing so, I hope to help all those struggling with the language to fulfil their ambitions, whilst at the same time, initiating positive change to the ESL industry.

Britcent CEO Daniel Shim